• http://facebook.com/filmincarnate Justin

    How do I go about seeing this?

    • Adam Mudman

      Unfortunately, “Demon Lover Diary”, like Joel Demott’s other big documentary, about racism, “Seventeen”, was never released on any sort of home video. I got my copy from a torrent on Cinemageddon, which was ripped by a bootleg VHS made from one of the master copies of the original film. I came across something that says that Demott sells copies of the movie in film-reel format, but I never found any contact information. As far as I know, that torrent is currently the only way to watch this movie.

  • Johnny Nilsson

    I saw this truly amazing film on the big screen, in a movie theatre in Sydney, Australia. It was some kind of film festival or something. The year could have been 1988. I’ve tried to get a hold of it off and on since then.
    Sure I had smoked a little, but I haven’t laughed so hard on all that many occasions as I did when I saw this.
    And at the same time it was so sad. They really did try to make a movie after all.
    And the girlfriend, DeMotte who made this documentary and was so completely ignored by the boys when she ran around with her camera; at least, in the end, her film got some good reviews.


    • Adam Mudman

      If I were to go about making something like this, I’d prefer to be ignored. Unfortunately, fly-on-the-wall cinema verité techniques don’t really work these days because when people see the camera, they think “reality TV!” and start mugging to it. Which is a shame…it represents a certain fall in mankind’s history.

  • joe_schmoe

    I saw this at college, around 1988. Both the filmmaker (Joel) and her husband Jeff were there. IIRC it was shot on 16mm film (that’s a film camera on her shoulder in the still above) as was the subject of the documentary, Devil Master – there is a section in the documentary where Jeff argues with a lab about the processing of some of the film for the feature.

    Part of the technical problem with Demon Lover Diary is – as you mentioned – the really bad sound quality. I remember Joel mentioning she shot with the smallest Nagra available taped to the side of the camera, which wasn’t “blimped”, meaning she picked up a lot of noise from the camera itself, and had no one to properly operate a boom or monitor the levels.

    The reason I recall this so clearly was she mentioned this *after* she and Jeff had spent a half an hour ragging on the poor soul trying to project the film about how the sound quality wasn’t any good in the theater.

  • Matt

    Neither were shot on video. Demon Lover Diary was shot on 16MM. There’s even a moment where Don’s mom complains about the film clips not being left on the floor because it would cut into the carpet.