• Adam Mudman

    I’d assume that if Wanda is the girl on the cover, we have a parody of the whole “nerdy girl is hot with her glasses off” thing which appears in too many movies?

    • http://www.liberaldead.com Ted Brown

      Yup if you wrote down a list of all the clichés featured in 80s teen flicks, 70s exploitation, 90s martial arts, and horror in general you would find most if not all of them in “Death of the Dead” its a funny flick just hard one to talk about in detail without spoiling anything.

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  • Trey Tessler

    Another key delineation of unarmed martial arts is the use of power and strength-based techniques (as found in boxing, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo and so on) vs. techniques that almost exclusively use the opponent’s own energy/balance against them (as in T’ai chi ch’uan, aikido, hapkido and aiki jiu jitsu and similar). Another way to view this division is to consider the differences between arts where Power and Speed are the main keys to success vs. arts that rely to a much greater extent on correct body-mechanics and the balance of the practitioners energy with that of the opponent.,’,’

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