Dead Already: The Walking Dead Episode 4-14 – The Grove


If you haven’t noticed, when The Walking Dead season rolls around, Dead Air has a weekly recap show, entitled Dead Already. In past seasons, it has  been a variety of guest hosts, including myself, James Harris(Doc Terror), and Heather Seebach, who is the current, regular Co-Host with Jeff. There is much to discuss this week, as you should know, if you’re up to date. If you’re not, what are you doing here? Don’t spoil yourself, because there will be spoilers. One of the more shocking incidents from the comic books, was implemented in this episode. Those that were familiar, have possibly been waiting for it to happen for some time now. Those that are not, were probably left with their jaws hanging open. In either case, tune in to hear what the Dead Already crew had to say about “The Grove”. 

Welcome back to Dead AlreadyThe Dead Air Podcast’s unofficial Walking Dead podcast; brought to you by The Liberal DeadGenreWatchand Viewer Discretion Advised

This week on the show, Jeff (@Jeff_FOTD) and Heather (@VDA_Net) dive deep into the controversial Episode 414, “The Grove.”

Was the episode really as shocking as The Internet seems to think? Why does Jeff feel the need to clarify that he’s actually a loving parent and not a sadistic baby-hater? Does Heather give her stamp of approval on an episode without Rick and Carl? Why are we still arguing that unresponsible arson and moonshine are not character development? How do we feel about the impending end of the season?

Tune in for the answers to these questions and discussion about a lot more; including therapy options…

For a full, spoiler-filled recap of this week’s episode, head on over and read Heather’s review of Episode 414.

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  • Ernesto Plasmo

    I’m so glad I discovered this podcast. Interesting thoughts.
    Grove was a really good episode and I’ve enjoyed the whole story of
    Carol, how she’s changed (more than just about any other character).
    I’d watched it I heard people going on about how ‘They’ve gone too far’
    but avoided spoilers… so I went in expecting far worse. I was pretty
    sure there was going to be a zombie baby by the end of the episode,
    seeing as how Judith has been on borrowed time anyway.
    As it turned out, shocking? no… disturbing, dark, completely in line with the theme of the series? yes.
    look forward to hearing what you have to say about True Detective. I
    was so in love with it all the way through to the last episode… and
    then it took me a while to make my peace with it… to kind of let it
    join the rest of the story as a conclusion.
    As a fan of Thomas
    Ligotti I was thrilled to hear the character Rust spelling out his
    nihilistic philosophy… but was that truncated by the ending? Was it
    refutation of what seemed to be the inspiration to all the preceding
    episodes? Did Rust just trade a bleak vision for a happy one? That seems
    too damn simple.
    Anyway, excited to hear your takes on it.

    Good work, thanks for letting us listen in.