DEAD ALREADY: – Ep. 8 of THE WALKING DEAD – Rock, Paper, Governor

Episode 8 of the Walking Dead will bring the us sorrowful viewers to the midseason break. That pretty much means a couple months of whining and speculating while the comic book nerds try to spoil the show for those of us to lazy to put on a pair of reading glasses and check it out. Not that I’d want to spoiler the TV show. If one thing has been made abundantly clear by the producers of the Walking Dead, Season 3 is a bat out of hell. Some of the best drama you’ll see on television this year will come straight out of this episode and I believe Jeff and myself are on the same page that this is the best season so far.

So Dead Already will be on a short hiatus over the next couple of weeks barring a potential wrap up show for the first half of the season. Tonight you get the pleasure of Jeff Konopka and Jimmy Terror on the mics, laying down some undead beats and spoiling the shit out of the show you love. We might as well have a crystal ball given all the amazing surprises that have evolved out of the season thus far, but we make some predictions, analyze the ever lovin’ zombie vomit out of the show and tell dick and fart jokes including at least one “That’s what she said”.


Remember… Spoil the TV show, Spare the child… that’s the Dead Already way. Haven’t watched it? Don’t wanna know? Maybe wait till you’ve put your peepers on the latest Walking Dead gore fest.

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-Dr. TERROR for the TLD Radio All-Stars

About Jimmy Terror

Dr. Jimmy Terror, more commonly known as James P. Harris, has been “writing your eyes” shut since 2010 with his horror themed blog, Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors (whose name is a play on words derived from the Amicus film, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors). In the early 2000’s he fronted the band The Vaudeville Vampires, a short-lived "Horrorabilly" band which saw the creation of a catalog of horror related songs before disbanding (with only one, six song demo ever being produced and distributed). He has had only one on screen appearance to date in the horror short, Ocean Parkway, as maniacal, gloved killer with a hair fetish. Having done some un-credited, behind the scenes work in some low budget genre pictures, he is currently working on his first foray into screenwriting with a demonic, retro gore entry that pays homage to Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento as well as other Italian masters of the genre.
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