One of our favorite episodes of Season 3 is upon you. If you haven’t had the chance to watch episode 3.12 “Clear” then you best get on that, listen to this here podcast about it and start up the discussion. This is the episode that will most likely divide the horror fans from those who simply like good storytelling or like character development. Not only do we see a few characters truly come to life, but we get to laugh a little while doing it and all the time, the audience gains a new sense of where the show is headed and psychologically how each character is built. Without ruining the whole thing that’s what I can offer you. Jeff and I loved this episode. It makes for a good discussion that spans the entire series.

Incidentally, we also get into a brief conversation about me finding Carol quite attractive as of late. There are any number of reasons for this transformation,, but rest assured I get super duper creepy about it in this one. Really creepy. Jeff even calls me out on it which only makes things worse. Sound off if you think Carol is a fox. Comment on this post or go leave your remarks anywhere you find the Dead Air/Dead Already posts.


Warning! This podcast contains major spoilers for this episode… Watch before you listen!

Tune in for a full recap of the episode, including commentary on its themes, speculation as to where things are headed, and much more!

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