Dead Air Podcast Ep 11: The Cabin in the WHERE?

Go HERE if you want to listen to the podcast about the newest horror phenomenon that got the horror folks jumpin outta their pants in back into the movie theater. Having written a review about the damn movie I think ya’ll know my humble opinion on the subject. If not than this podcast will serve to create a delightful positive synergy around Drew Goddard’s first offering in the director seat. This week on Dead Air Jeff Konopka, Shawn Savage and James Harris discuss the finer points of newsworthy horror, what we’ve been watching and our feature, The Cabin in the Woods.

Note: We will not be posting the trailer to The Cabin in the Woods because it gives too much away. Don’t let this movie get spoiled for you. See it in the theater.

Instead enjoy this montage demonstrating with great ease how you too may build your own cabin in the woods:

We now return to our regularly scheduled podcast update which is already in progress.

The Konopka family is now feeling much better after a bout of plague thus the reason for the week’s lapse in podcastage (the John Carpenter retrospective to be specific). No need to worry. We’re back this week!

Some highlights from the program will include:

-James getting over his stage fright on air. It’s like shock therapy talking to these two aviators of the internet airwaves

-Penumbra: the advertising will not leave you feeling very Roman Polanski.

-Dark Night of the Scarecrow from 1981 holds up and the DVD/Blu Ray release is out now. Make sure to check out this classic and the IT CAME FROM 1980 X article that is alluded to in the podcast. (also check out our previous entries in this series Gore-met, Microwave Massacre, Demoniac, Mortuary… shameless plug).

-The Divide is this year’s Bereavement… It will take you by surprise. Shawn has watched it three times this month. Maybe more by now

-The Killing Jar a squandered opportunity

-Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fails to impress Shawn. It’s Tom Cruise on a motorcycle… like Top Gun.

- The Innkeepers is out on Blu Ray and the Liberal Dead is running a rad giveaway to celebrate its release. Go pick up Ti West’s newest spook flick.

-Jeff watched The Thing until he couldn’t tell if he was a human or an alien copy of himself. He has a petri dish waiting for testing (if you dare).

-There’s a lengthy conversation about the The Toy. Don’t miss it. I won’t give it away. Spoiler free discussion of the Toy with guest mention of … Danny Trejo?

-The Streaming Dead is a new column by Jeff. It’s going to go through the wild west world of Netflix and try to make sense of it. First edition up now. Make Netflix meaningful again.

-Jeff saw the Muppets. (See previous podcast where Kristy RAVES about it).

-The Beginning of the End: The Last Exorcism – Hatchet men at work. Giant Grasshoppers. 50′s B Sci-Fi. The Laster Exorcism. The Lastest Exorcism. You get the idea.

-Wrong Turn 5 stars Doug Bradley. Cenobites go to West Virginia?  Stay tuned for a conversation of the financial viability of the WT series.

-What movie features a woman with a giant vagina making people’s heads explode? Listen to the podcast.

-Will Hannibal be the next horror TV show? What would it look like? Who would play Hannibal? Will Anthony Hopkins make a cameo as Hannibal’s father?

-Silent Night, Deadly Night gets a remake that will be called Silent Night. Hang your stocking with care now!

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Ladies and germs… the Director of The Cabin in the Woods, Drew Goddard. His eyes know what scares you. Get familiar with this mug. We hope to see it again soon.

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