• http://www.skonmovies.com/ Sean Kelly

    I guess I will start this comment by saying I quite liked the original Insidious (including the “weaker” second half). I saw that film nearly entirely blind when I saw it as part of the Midnight Madness programme at TIFF 2010 (I didn’t see it at midnight, though I now wish I did). TIFF always picks 1 image to sell their films and Insidious’ was the image of the old woman, which was more than enough to sell me on the film.

    Now Insidious Chapter 2….I didn’t NOT like it, but I also left the theatre not really crazy about it either. I thought some of the scares early on were well done, I liked Patrick Wilson’s performance, and I kind of liked the overall continuity, however there were many aspects of the film that just bugged me.

    I have always hated it when horror sequels explain too much and I liked the “Old Woman Ghost” when she was just a scary ghost holding a candle. Not only did the explanation lessen the impact of the ghost from the first film, but I was left thinking “what the hell?”

    The film also came off a lot more stylized for me, especially when it came to the ghost make-up. It just came off as a bit garish to me and a lot of people in the theatre were actually laughing at the ghosts (especially the mother).

    I also really missed the red-faced demon. I think they were hinting its return in the third film, so that would at least be something to look forward to.

    I wouldn’t rule out re-watching Insidious Chapter 2, I just really didn’t like it as much as the first one.