Dead Air (2009)

Dead Air is a hard movie for me to score. Some aspects of it, to me are amazing, while some(the entire zombie plot) are a little underwhelming. Dead Air stars Bill Moseley as Logan, a late night shock jock who spends his time berating his callers. Much like “Pontypool” something has happened outside of the studio, and people begin to call the show with eyewitness reports of the incident. Where Dead Air differs from Pontypool though, is they actually show what’s going on outside of the studio. The thing that Pontypool did so well, in my opinion, is it never showed you what was going on outside the studio. It played sort of like War of the Worlds.

The actual zombie action of Dead Air, like mentioned above is a little underwhelming. It’s handled fine, but it’s just so run of the mill, that it doesn’t stand out against other zombie flicks. I will say, that I enjoyed the zombie action a little better in Dead Air, than I did in Survival of the Dead, which, if you’ve seen that film, isn’t saying much(Sorry George).

Bill Moseley is what made this film. His on screen presence is demanding. It really reminded me of Howard Stern during 9/11. At first, he’s making jokes and telling the callers they are crazy, but as more and more reports come in, he starts investigating, and trying to help the public out. To be honest, I felt the zombie plot interfered with Moseley’s performance. If this was 90 minutes of him taking phone calls from his listeners, I would have loved every second of it. I can’t say enough of how amazing Moseley’s performance was. I was completely enthralled. As average as this film is otherwise, I would strongly recommend picking it up on the cheap for his performance alone. I think you’ll be impressed.


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