Comic Review – Strange Kid Comix Magazine #2

Strange Kid Comix Magazine #2 is a special Halloween themed issue from the man behind the Strange Kids Club, Rondal Scott III along with stories and art from contributors Glen Brogan, Aaron Klopp, Sean K. Dove, Neil Camera, Craig Collins, German Orozco, Brian Fyffe, Leigh Young, Andrew Barr, and Christine Larsen. This issue features eight horror inspired stories and an amazing interview with legendary illustrator and director David Hartman who also created the front cover for the issue.

As soon as I finished reading the introduction before I had even laid eyes on the first tale of terror, I knew that I was in for a real treat. Reminiscing about Octobers past Rondal Scott talks about a birthday sleepover he had that consisted of Castlevania and Ernest Scared Stupid and the impact it had on his life. Of course, this sent me into a montage of October horror related memories of my own perfectly setting the tone for rest of the issue.

This issue recreates the inside of a kid’s brain that is absolutely obsessed with videogames and horror impeccably. If you grew up creepy and want to take a trip back to your youth, I highly advise you pick up this issue of Strange Kid Comix Magazine. There are so many pop culture references featured through out the issue that you will find yourself scanning each panel repeatedly just to make sure you did not miss any sort of hidden Easter egg of nostalgia, my favorite being a subtle and clever nod to the TGIF television line up many of us grew up with.

Each of the stories is memorable and all feature mind-blowing artwork, everyone involved in this issue really went above and beyond to create a truly ghastly Halloween atmosphere. Many of the stories involve Strange Kid being sucked into his favorite videogames or movie scenarios, an aspect that I felt was a really fun direction to go, I recall spending countless hours as a kid thinking about what it would be like to wake up in the midst of a zombie invasion. Not to mention many dreams of being sucked into various videogame worlds after marathon gaming sessions. Story wise my personal favorite addition to this collection has to be “Splatter Kid” a homage to the videogame classic Splatter House or “The Nightmare-A-Ton” showing the daydreams that are created inside the mind of a kid during a marathon of horror and sci-fi.

The artists involved with this issue all have very distinct and interesting styles and it really ads a completely new level of enjoyment as you progress through each of the stories. The amount of talent displayed with in the pages of this comic is astronomical its almost hard to believe such a dream team could even exist. I am a big fan of comics that feature a wide range of different art styles it keeps things interesting and is the best way in my opinion to be exposed to new and interesting styles.

It is rare that I walk away from a collection like this where I honestly enjoyed each and every panel a testament to every writer and artist who contributed to this issue. Bottom line if you consider yourself a die-hard horror fan and grew up in the 80s or 90s I cannot recommend this comic to you enough. On the flipside, if you are perhaps a new fan and want a glimpse into the eras this is a great starting point. This issue is endless fun and an idea way to get into the Halloween spirit do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.

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  • Mei

    I’m definitely going to get a copy. I remember loving Edward Gorey & Tales from the Crypt as a kid!