Can You Survive This Snowy Thriller; A DVD Review Of ‘The Frozen’. Available Today On DVD From ARC Entertainment

A couple off for a romantic trip alone in the snow covered wilderness end up in a Snowmobile accident and become trapped in the wild alone and without help.  As the couple struggles to survive and find a way back to civilization strange things begin occurring and they begin to wonder how they will ever make it back alive.  Continue on after the jump for the full review.

The Frozen’ is a film I wasn’t even aware of up until a few weeks ago.  The atmosphere and scenery of the film looks quite beautiful but unfortunately even that can’t help this film.  The biggest problem I had with the film is the pace.  Don’t misunderstand me as I have no problem with slower paced films and am quite fond of a number of slow burn thrillers.  There is a significant difference between slow paced and still entertaining and just flat out boring.  The film basically focuses entirely on the struggles of the couple but unfortunately in a very uninteresting way.  As opposed to them overcoming obstacles and fighting to survive, it focuses on them mostly talking and arguing.  The film starts to get interesting about 70 minutes in and then quickly reverts back to where we’d been previously, hence letting us down in our hopes that something might actually come of all this nonsense we have been plagued with for over an hour.

The film finally wraps up with what nowadays seems the standard, another silly twist meant to blow your mind.  While I admit I didn’t see the twist coming the entire way, it became quite obvious as soon as they start hinting at it towards the latter end of the film.  Unfortunately the twist hurts the film even more as it is pretty much a blatant ripoff yet again of things that have already been done and that everyone surely remembers.  I won’t go and ruin the ending for you, but I caution you not to expect a mind blowing event that brings something truly unique and interesting to the film, because you will be sorely disappointed.

The video is presented in a 2.35:1 cinema-scope AR displayed on the DVD using the full 480p resolution available to the format.  The video has some mild issues throughout such as colors seeming to be overdone and presented in a way that just seems off as well as some scenes appearing unnaturally blurry. Fortunately this only occurs on certain scenes and usually reverts back to a proper image appearance relatively quick.  While it is not the best looking DVD I have seen recently, it certainly is not the worst either.  Considering the low budget of the film and what one could assume the source in which they had to work with would be like, overall things appear quite nice and clear throughout.

The film includes two audio tracks.  A Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track in addition to a second Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo track.  The 2.0 track is simply a stereo soundtrack of the film, not an audio commentary or anything of that sort.  Being the audiophile that I am, I of course viewed the film using the 5.1 format.  I must say that the 5.1 audio track  is probably the highlight of the disc.  The audio keeps tame and cool with light noises such as wind blowing, etc in order to properly maintain the mood, and when things start to get creepy (so to speak) the rear channels are truly utilized properly.  Unlike many films in which the rear channels either flood and overpower each other making it hard to notice the distinction of the channels or else don’t utilize the multichannel format much of all, this film really takes advantage of the separate channels resulting in a surprisingly well done and effective audio track.  If there is one thing I can say to compliment the film, it’s that the audio track definitely surpassed expectations.

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of special features on this disc.  In fact the only special feature on the disc appears to be the films trailer.

Overall, while it was not the worst film I have seen by any means, I honestly can’t say it would be a film that I would go around praising and recommending.  It keeps to a very slow pace throughout with little to nothing interesting occurring throughout and let’s you down with a tired twist ending that is mediocre at best.  If you are a fan of films about survival in the wild it might be something you would be interested in checking out if you come across it, but it’s not a film I would go out of my way to watch either.


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