Blu-ray Review: Lords of Chaos – MVD

Lords of Chaos is a controversial new film based on the church burnings, and even murder, at the hands of a Norwegian Black Metal band known as Mayhem. The movie was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, and it was based on a book written in 1998 sporting the same title. The movie stars Rory Culkin, Emory Cohen, Jack Kilmer, and Sky Ferreira. Lords of Chaos “Truth, lies, and what really happened.” And it definitely delivers on that promise. Without doing a little research, it would be easy to dismiss this film as sensationalized nonsense, but after looking into the band and it’s members, it’s hard to tell between the truth and the lies. I feel bad for stating that Lords of Chaos is entertaining, considering some of the stuff that may or may not have happened, and especially in light of what we KNOW happened, but at the end of the day, it’s an entertaining movie.

I really enjoyed Lords of Chaos, I didn’t know much about it before my friend Mitch brought to my that it was coming to VOD. A quick google search after that, and I was one hundred percent on board. The story is absolutely fascinating. I know real churches burned and real people died, but that doesn’t make a story any less compelling. In fact, some of the most interesting stories ever told involve death and destruction. And when it comes to death and destruction, Lords of Chaos delivers in spades. It’s a very visceral movie, filled with profanity, gore, and everything in-between. I can’t discern between the truth and the lies personally, but it’s a hell of a trip either way. I loved Lords of Chaos, and would highly recommend it to everyone even remotely intrigued by metal, biopics, and even horror movies.

While I loved the movie itself, The Blu-ray release is an entirely different story. It claims to be the uncensored director’s cut, but i didn’t personally see anything that wasn’t included in the cut released to On Demand. Couple that with the fact that the Blu-ray sports a very low bitrate audio track, and you’re probably better off owning this one on digital. I’m a staunch proponent of physical media, and I am glad to have this film sitting on my shelf, but if ever I decide to watch it again, I will definitely either rent it or purchase it on VOD, because the audio track is much better. I’m not being spoiled here, we have two audio options. 2.0, and 5.1, and both are presented in the form of a 192k bitrate DD track. And the sound mix is terrible. The music is loud and distorted, and the dialog is almost inaudible. The video quality is just fine, but there’s no getting past that audio. It’s unfortunate, as this was one of my favorite movies of the year, but it looks like I will have to import the Arrow release, or hope that Umbrella releases a Blu-ray in the near future. I love MVD, and almost everything they do, but if you’re a fan of this one, it’s best to skip the US Blu-ray, and like I said, import the Arrow release.