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A year has passed since the dark eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) into the infamous lycanthrope crime-fighter. Although the evil that controlled Woodhaven was defeated, the community is far from returning to normal. A villainous entrepreneur (Yannick Bisson) is looking to open a new brewery and revive the local hockey team, but it’s clear he has ulterior motives. With a new mayor (Kevin Smith) and the new chief of police (Amy Matysio), WolfCop has his work cut out for him when he has to save the town all over again.


When I first saw that there was a movie about a werewolf cop, I was immediately sold. I knew it would probably be horrible, but with a concept like that, at the very least the film deserved an attempt on my part to view it. Low and behold Wolfcop was awesome. Not even in a so bad it’s good sort of way, Wolf Cop was just straight up awesome. Leave it to the Canadians to turn in a movie with a ridiculous plot like this, and do so effectively. Immediately following Wolf Cop, a sequel was announced. Shortly thereafter the poster was revealed, and it was a play on the cover art for Stallone’s Cobra, and my hype meter buried the needle. Another Wolfcop, it was called, and again, I was sold.

Another Wolfcop does what a good sequel is supposed to do. It’s bigger and it’s badder and it feels like visiting old friends. It takes place a year after the events of the first film, and in spite of the fact that the evil that transformed Lou into a werewolf has been defeated, a new foe rolls into town in the form of an entrepreneur looking to sink some money into the town, and create a little chaos on the side. The movie doesn’t spend all that much time on waterproofing the plot, as it’s not important in this situation. Granted it could be awful, but I think they did a good job straddling the line between nonexistent and serviceable. A movie like Wolfcop isn’t watched by its fan for award winning writing.

I had a lot of fun with Another Wolfcop. It’s everything I could have hoped for in a sequel to the first film, and maybe a little more. The premise hasn’t worn its novelty off yet, and its “bigger is better” methodology delivers a hip, fun experience, crafted specifically for fans of the first film. And yes, there is plenty of practical effects to sink your teeth into. Honestly that’s the real star of the show here, is the over-the-top violence, and the special effects. If you want some gore, you’re going to get it. Another Wolfcop is not a pointless sequel, nor some sort of low budget cash grab. It is an honest production of a wild sequel to an already insane first movie. If you loved Wolfcop prepare to love this movie.

RLJE’s Blu-ray release of Another Wolfcop is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and digital. It features an AVC-encoded 1080p transfer presented in 1.78:1. The disc also features a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track, and an English subtitle track. Extras are few, but present, including behind the scenes featurettes focusing on the production of the film, special effects, and more. Another Wolfcop is highly recommended. Purchase your own copy here.