• http://www.strangekidsclub.com Rondal

    Not a big fan of this series myself, either. The first one was a little confusing to me, though I thought that Saw II got a lot right. Haven’t really paid attention to the latter sequels except for VII which I totally agree with you on. There just isn’t enough to really warrant more than one film except for the sheer spectacle… they might as well have a special Jersey Shore edition of SAW.

  • http://www.liberaldead.com Shawn Savage

    It’s kind of like Killing Luke Skywalker off in the first Star Wars. Then, continuing to make 6 more Star Wars films, all with different main characters, all of whom are somehow related to Darth Vader….

  • Mei

    Not a fan of the SAW franchise! I liked I & II, but eh — so many other good movies to spend time enjoying.

    • http://www.facebook.com/destroysuperman Jesse Bartel