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    I just happened upon this column by Adam Bezecny, which included a mention of the 1975 prototype slasher movie “Have a Nice Weekend.” In 1974 when that movie was in production, I was an eighth grader at a boarding school in Connecticut where an early scene in that movie, involving a youth football team, was shot – in fact, I was there, watching. Later on I lost track of the project and figured it had never completed production and was never released. Only yesterday, quite by accident, did I discover otherwise. Someone posted a print of the film to YouTube, but it is missing the first several minutes (including the scene I watched), so what’s posted begins abruptly in the middle of a dialogue scene and doesn’t even have an opening title. Does anyone know where I could find an intact copy of the film, online or as a DVD? To be honest I’d settle for seeing about the first ten minutes. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows!