Blaxploitation History Month: Black Devil Doll (2007) (The Other One!)

Black Devil Doll! A movie so fantastic, I had to double-dip! Just kidding! This is Black Devil Doll from Hell on steroids—minus the “from Hell” but nonetheless closer to it. Is Chester Novell Turner turning (sorry) in his grave? We’ll have to look closer to find out. a Black Power terrorist is given the electric chair, but his spirit lives on. A girl named Heather accidentally summons his soul with an Ouija board, and the spirit moves into a black ventriloquist dummy. She falls in love with the Black Devil Doll but he just wants her for sex (natch), so he has her bring over her pornstar-body friends. She goes to McDonalds and he rapes and kills all of them. We get plenty of white acrylic sperm, copious moaning, and an uncomfortable level of (acidic?) shit. Some of it is erotic, some of it is just nasty. But curiously, almost all of it is hilarious. Will the Black Devil Doll’s son live to rule the world?

I’m under the vague impression that the director of Black Devil Doll did not watch anything by C. N. Turner. The two films have little in common outside of sex and black devil dolls. Racism, poop jokes, sex jokes, necrophilia, and misogyny abound and thrive in the dark colony that is this film. It almost makes you feel like a bad person for enjoying it, and I know that plenty of people who aren’t either scum-mongers or horny college fratboys who would spit their drinks. The world dawdles on, and so does the film, the latter aware that the former will never be dragged down into its sewer—and yet it moves. The exaggeration and faux-’70s feel, combined with the sheer 11-amp sleaze, make this unexpectedly humorous, even in the midst of, say, a gruesome dismemberment. Sometimes the jokes fall flat—there’s always a handful of one-liners from the Black Devil Doll said before, during, and after the sex and the murders, and some are more Live and Let Die than Goldfinger. But still, the general atmosphere of it—like when the girlfriends start making out, hosing down, and rubbing their boobs all over a car, for absolutely no reason other than for the random porn lolz—is a good one. You will laugh.

What I like is that this movie accomplishes the act of being a love letter to the SOV exploitation genre while also being a thoroughly modern film. I was actually reminded of none other than one of my arch-foes, the hideous abomination men call Terror Toons, while also being reminded of the original Black Devil Doll, plus films like Dolemite. The feeling is that this is a perfect double-header with 2009’s Black Dynamite—a callback and also a new entry to something that once thrived and sadly declined in American history. Certainly though the genre can only be a spoof in this day and age. There is no other option, truthfully. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. And this film does pay at least one big homage to the original film; near the end one of the girls is pounced by the puppet, which knocks her to the ground and then convinces her to have sex with him. This is a shot-by-shot replica of a scene from the original, um, classic. So yeah, there you go.

Sleazy to the point where its hypnotism is optimized, and funny to the point where you won’t fall asleep, Black Devil Doll is a champion of satire, exploitation, and loving homage alike. I can recommend it to absolutely everyone. Can you dig it?

  • Shawn Lewis

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