Ted Brown

I eat, breath, and live the horror genre. Gore translates to beauty, and terror the gateway to happiness.

Interview with Son Of Ghoul

LD: First off I would like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to answer these questions for our readers. For those who may not be familiar with your work, care to share a little bit about who son of ghoul is and what it is that you do ? SOG: Son […]

Lost Signal (2007)

Dead of winter, also known as Lost Signal, follows Santos and McCoy, a young couple who are unknowingly slipped a high dosage of LSD at a New Years Eve party. As the drugs start to take effect, and the couple leaves the party, they start to become paranoid that someone is out to get them. […]

Peacock (2010)

Peacock is a very interesting, and original film. It tells the story of a small town bank clerk named John Skillpa, who has a very big secret. Little do his fellow towns people know that John also has a split personality, that happens to be a female. This causes him to dress as a woman […]

SyFy’s Mothman

Yes you read the title correct I am in fact reviewing a SyFy original film. Mothman is very loosely based on the crypto we all have heard of by this point of our lives. Loosely as its based in point pleasant and the killer is the mothman other than that the story is basically throw […]

The Reeds

The Reed’s tells the story of six friends who plan a weekend boating trip through the Norfolk Broads but soon find themselves caught in the middle of the struggle between an old man and the very teenage life’s he took many years ago. The spirits of the murdered teen’s now haunt the old man and […]

June 9

June 9 follows Derek boggman and his four friends, who during their summer vacation decide to make a video of their pranks, and trips into a neighboring town, Boston Mills, that’s surrounded by many dark legends and has been dubbed the nickname hell town. Showing footage of their various activities leading up the day in […]

Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo tells the tragic story of sixteen year old Alice Palmer, who drowned while swimming in the town’s local dam. What seemed like an open and shut case of accidental death, would soon be turned upside down with the start of strange events within her home. Revealing a girl who kept many shocking secrets […]

Staunton Hill

Staunton Hill follows a group of young friends hitchhiking their way to a rally in D.C., but when their paths cross with an all too eager to help stranger, their lives take a horrible turn. Their journey to the home of the Stauntons, a crazed redneck family who’s involved in a very grisly, and blood […]

The Fourth Kind

Since the 1960’s a very large number of the population of Alaska are reported missing every year. The FBI has launched thousands of separate investigations of the region. But still the truth remains unknown. The Fourth Kind follows the story of psychologist Dr Abigail Tyler whose research would turn out to be some of the […]