I've been obsessed with motion pictures since I saw Alien in 1981 - it changed my life. I wax off about cinema wherever possible, and currently are a features writer for Gorezone Magazine. With a bit of luck and some on-the-knees begging my first novel, The Lost Weekend, should be published sometime late 2011.

Happy Friday The 13th!! A Few Words Of Hate

Everything that follows is genuinely true. From the outset, let me assure you that I love horror movies. It started by sneaking peaks at the old Hammer classics on TV through a crack in the living room door when my parents thought I was in bed and long asleep. I was at just the right […]

Hachet 2 (2010) Review by: Rich Wilson

Horror fans are a loyal bunch of freaks. Maybe, because our chosen genre is sneered and looked down upon by highbrow critics who prefer costume to cannibal epics, or because we’re seen as the unwashed armpit of the cinema body, we feel the need to stick together and fight it out. And we love it […]

The Last Exorcism (2010) Review by Rich Wilson

Aside from everything else going for it, it’s worth seeing The Last Exorcism purely for the astonishing performance of Ashley Bell. Without the aid of any effects, CG or wirework Bell twists, contorts and burns her vocal cords out in her effort to become demonic. Watching her go from raging maniac to sweet and innocent […]

Piranha 3D (2010) Review by: Rich Wilson

You can look at 3D a couple of ways. Positively, it’s another spectrum of modern-day cinema designed to enhance the viewing experience of the audience and take us that next step to actually being in the movie. When it works, for instance when we almost felt among the foliage of the planet in “Avatar”, it’s […]

Enter The Void (2010)

Enter The Void is one of the most astonishing films I’ve ever seen. This is a piece of work that throws out the book and creates it’s own rules, bending the boundaries of narrative and delighting in taking you to places you never thought you would go. It’s a terrifying, beautiful, erotic and disturbing motion […]