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30 Days Of Night: Dark Days (2010) Review by: Shawn Savage

“30 Days Of Night: Dark Days” is the follow up to the 2007 zompire flick “30 Days Of Night” based on a graphic novel of the same name by Steve Niles, and Ben Templesmith. In the first film, a sleepy Alaskan town is invaded by a horde of bloodthirsty vampires(zompires) during a 30 day stint […]

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D Review by: Shawn Savage

First, a precursor to my thoughts. Yes, I enjoyed the “Resident Evil” video games as much as the next guy. I, however, was able to completely separate my feelings for the games, from my feelings for the movies. I didn’t expect characters to stop once an hour and mess around with a typewriter in order […]

Frozen (2010) Review by: Shawn Savage

Upon the release of the campy slasher sub-genre tribute “Hatchet”, director Adam Green because a horror movie rockstar, practically overnight. Some say he deserves it, some say the opposite. Regardless, Green had instantly become a household name. “Frozen” wasn’t treated with the same level of hype that “Hatchet” was. So far, the biggest push for […]

Growth (2009) Review by: Shawn Savage

Next to zombies, the “body-snatcher” sub genre of horror is one of my most guilty of pleasures. Generally, I can be entertained by even poorly made examples of this type of film making. In my mind, two flicks within the past several years have pretty much set the benchmark for the modern parasitic romp, those […]

A Serbian Film (2010) Review by Shawn Savage

“A Serbian Film” is easily one of the most controversial, talked about films to be seen this year. Almost as fascinating as the film it’s self, is the negative reaction from it’s detractors. I’ve seen people bash films before, some deserved it, some did not, but never have I seen a film create such a […]

13 Days of Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell

One of the most hated film in the Friday the 13th series is “Jason Goes To Hell”. Though I can agree with some of the arguments, I think it’s a bit hyperbolic to say that this is a terrible film. Is it different? Sure, but whether or not you agree with the outcome, you should […]

Hard Ride To Hell (2010) Review

“Hard Ride To Hell” is a little bit of a hodge-podge. It mixes elements from several classic films, most notably, “The Hills Have Eyes”, while maintaining to be marginally unique. The story follows a group of friends, traveling in an RV across the wide open nothing, in order to reach a secluded camp-site for some […]

Blood On The Highway (2010) Review

Though it wasn’t the first of it’s kind, since “Shaun Of The Dead” exploded into the mainstream cult classic that it is, the Horror/Comedy sub-genre of film has been an easy in for a lot of filmmakers. From 2005 on, it became almost impossible to find a flick that wasn’t aiming to exploit the success […]

After.Life (2009) Review

  After watching After.Life, I feel silly for looking forward to it simply because of Christina Ricci. I thought I would be presented with a silly popcorn flick, some Ricci eyecandy, and that would be the end of it. I was completely wrong. 

Dread (2009) Review

Dread (2009) Review

I was able to see Dread last fall, but for some reason, it just slipped my mind. Thankfully, After Dark Films picked it up for their fourth annual Horrorfest. Say what you want about the “8 Films To Die For” series, but each year the lineup has gotten significantly better, and this year was the […]

Stag Night (2008) Review

Stag Night appears to be the product of two stoners, a bag of pot, and a late night viewing of “Wrong Turn”. The movie follows a group of friends out on the town for a bachelor party. When one of our main characters attempts to sexually assault a girl they are on the subway with, […]

Long Pigs (2009)

Long Pigs is a mockumentary in the spirit of “Man Bites Dog”. Two filmmakers follow Anthony, a cannibalistic serial killer as he does his thing. The two document the entire process, from the stalk, to the kill, to the eventual cooking and eating of Anthony’s victims. You may think to yourself, that this has been […]

The Killer Inside Me (2010) Review

The Killer Inside Me is many things. It’s a modern day western-noir, It’s a slow burn thriller, it’s a murder drama that unfolds in a first person perspective. What this film is not, is easy to watch. That’s not an insult to the film, more of a praise, coming from me. It takes a lot […]

Insanitarium (2008) Review

“Insanitarium” follows the story of Jack (Jesse Metcalfe) and Lily (Kiele Sanchez) after their mother’s death Lily starts to have trouble coping with the loss landing her in a mental hospital. Jack does what it takes to get himself put into the same hospital as his sister in order to get close to her but […]

Predators (2010) Review

Predator(1987) became such a cult phenomenon, that it spawned a sequel, two crossovers with the Alien Franchise, and a massive line of toys for both kids, and adults. The problem is, none of the following movies were any good. Sure, “Predator 2” gained a cult following, but there’s a scene in the movie where an […]

High-Def Horror: Predator (1987) Blu Ray Review

The Flick: Predator is one of those hybrid films, much like From Dusk Till Dawn. It tricks you into thinking it’s a certain type of film, and then pulls the rug out from under your feet after you have already immersed yourself. Starting off as what seems like a possible continuation of Schwarzenegger’s earlier film […]

2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams(2010)

The first “2001 Maniacs” movie came out of left field for me. I had already seen Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “2000 Maniacs” and While I personally enjoyed it, it seemed like an odd movie for someone to remake. It had the backing of a solid indie studio, and starred Robert Englund, so I checked it out. […]

Nightcrawlers (2009)

No, you’re not having an acid flashback, and you don’t need to text ChaCha, that is Joel Greco from trash TV show “Cheaters”. I recently subscribed to “Indieflix”, which, if you don’t know, is like Netflix instant watch, only for independent film exclusively. It’s a good service, if you would like to check it out, […]