Adam Bezecny

Adam Mudman Bezecny was born Adamov Patricia Beszenski in Soviet Estonia in 1951. He first stumbled upon his first z-grade horror movie, "I Eat Your Skin", when it toured in Estonian drive-ins after its release in 1964, when he was just thirteen. Since then, he has gone on to descending into the depths of crappy, spooky madness, with such films as "Ogroff", "The Abomination", and "Manos: The Hands of Fate", among thousands of others. Crowned Prince Regent of Weirdos in 1994, he is currently a bachelor living in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Matango (1963) Review by: Adam Bezecny

Does anyone remember that one episode of Gilligan’s Island with the Japanese sailor, who was somehow still in his thirties, despite the fact that the show was set in the ‘60s, and he thought World War II was still going? How he put all of the castaways in a cage and was all racist-like? Remember […]

Devil Ant (1999) by: Adam Bezecny

***SPOILERS BELOW*** I first heard of Devil Ant in hinted rumors on the Internet—a movie famous not because of any sort of distinctive shots or skills, but rather because of who made it: an Illinoisan gentleman by the name of The Rock—or, rather, David “The Rock” Nelson. I had to know more. I looked into […]