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I am a contributor here and also run my own site The extent of my love for horror films and television is probably bordering on obsessive. I read a lot of books and watch so many TV shows that i can barely find time to keep up to date on them all. I have always loved writing and even wrote short stories and screenplays for fun as a kid. I live in beautiful California, laughing at all of you stuck in the snow! If you need to contact me, please feel free to send an email to

Toronto After Dark 2014 – Movie Review: Late Phases

When grizzled war veteran Ambrose (STAKE LAND’s Nick Damici), moves into the Crescent Bay retirement community, he’s discovers that some local residents have been dying not from old age, but from a series of mysterious, vicious dog attacks. After his own house is attacked in the night by the animals, Ambrose sets his military mind to tracking them down. But it soon becomes clear that these attacks are a regular monthly occurrence, synchronized to the full moon, and the tight-knit community of Crescent Bay has been hiding something far more sinister that wild dogs in its midst. Ambrose will have to face off against some creatures that are part-man, part-wolf – and completely deadly. Continue reading

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The Best Of Number Two – The Dark Knight

As we are all surely aware, it’s a rare occurrence when a sequel can not only hold its own with the original, but can additionally go well beyond it and actually surpass its predecessor in almost every way imaginable, delivering … Continue reading

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Trailer – Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain – July 13th On FX

As a huge fan of ‘The Strain’ book trilogy written by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled to see the series finally being brought to life and what better format and place for that … Continue reading

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The Best & Bloodiest Entry In The Series; A Review Of ‘Hatchet III’

First off let me begin by stating that I am a complete ‘Hatchet’ nut and could not possibly be fonder of this franchise. The first two films in the series are without question two of the most watched Blu-Ray’s I … Continue reading

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A Brutal Look At The Dark Side Of Nature And Humanity With A Few Familiar Eli Roth Traits; A Review Of ‘Aftershock’

‘Aftershock’ is a brutal and uncompromising look at the result natural disasters can take on people’s humanity when they are left with no choice but to take dire actions in order to survive. The film is directed by Nicolás López … Continue reading

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The Return Of The Raunchy Parody; A Blu-Ray Review Of ‘A Haunted House’; Available From Universal April 23

While I have always been a fan of the early raunchy parodies done by the Wayans’ such as ‘Scary Movie’ and ‘Don’t Be A  Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood’ the majority of the parody … Continue reading

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A Proper Vampire Love Story; A Review Of ‘Kiss Of The Damned’

  ‘Kiss Of The Damned’ is the kind of vampire love story that us horror fans can appreciate.  It doesn’t treat things like a teeny bopper film and it properly details what would be likely to happen assuming things such … Continue reading

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A Surprisingly Heartwarming Adventure For The Whole Family; A DVD Review Of ‘Back To The Sea’: Available On DVD April 2 From Viva Pictures.

  ‘Back To The Sea’ is the tale of a young fish named Kevin who get’s captured from the harbor where he’s lived all his life and ends up in a tank located within a Sushi Restaurant.  Now he’s forced … Continue reading

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Crazy Pissed Off Chicks Decide To Get Even; A Review Of ‘Girls Against Boys’

This is one of those films I sat down to expecting something completely different than what played out before my eyes.  I expected a film that didn’t take itself too seriously, but instead found myself tangled in a film that … Continue reading

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Can You Survive This Snowy Thriller; A DVD Review Of ‘The Frozen’. Available Today On DVD From ARC Entertainment

A couple off for a romantic trip alone in the snow covered wilderness end up in a Snowmobile accident and become trapped in the wild alone and without help.  As the couple struggles to survive and find a way back … Continue reading

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[DVD Review] Enter A Very Unique World; A Review Of ‘The Amazing World Of Gumball: The Mystery’ Available On DVD January 15

Today I bring you something a little different from the norm here, but I’m certain there are some fellow cartoon enthusiasts out there in addition to me who appreciate such programs.  ‘The Amazing World Of Gumball’ is a children’s series … Continue reading

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10 New Stills From IFC’s ‘Maniac’ Remake Hack Their Way Online

10 new images from the upcoming remake to ‘Maniac’ have made their way online.  Continue on after the jump to check out the other 9 stills.

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16 Images From The Upcoming A&E Psycho Prequel Series ‘Bates Motel’ Are Unleashed

The New A&E series ‘Bates Motel’ which will act as a prequel series to the film ‘Psycho’ has unleashed 16 new images on the web today.  Continue on after the jump for the other 15 images released today for the … Continue reading

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The First Poster For ‘Evil Dead’ Is Here

I will admit i was extremely questionable about ‘The Evil Dead’ being remade, though after the insanity of the red band trailer that hit the web recently i must recant my previous feelings.  As opposed to dreading this films existence … Continue reading

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FX Renews Hit Series ‘American Horror Story’ For Season Three

Sorry for the late post on this one, somehow i missed this wonderful news when it was first announced earlier in the week.  For fans of the FX series ‘American Horror Story’ there was tremendous news this week. FX has … Continue reading

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ABC Murders ‘666 Park Avenue’; Will Still Air All 13 Produced Episodes

It always brings me great pleasure to see a interesting and well done horror series on network TV, unfortunately so many of them seem to be cancelled right off the bat and rarely have the opportunity to delve into the … Continue reading

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Fox Debuts Two Trailers & A Killer New Poster For The Upcoming Kevin Williamson Series ‘The Following’

The more i hear about this upcoming series the more excited i get about it.  The series is created by Kevin Williamson (Scream 1,2,4) and stars Kevin Bacon in the lead role. Head inside for the new poster & trailers.

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SyFy Renews Haven For A Fourth Season

For fellow fans of the SyFy original Series Haven (based on ‘The Colorado Kid’ by Stephen King) good news has arisen today.  Syfy has officially announced that the series has been renewed for a fourth season consisting of 13 episodes.  … Continue reading

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A Fresh Take On The Found Footage Genre With A Realistic Approach: A Review Of ‘The Bay’

One of the problems with the surge of found footage films these days is that they so rarely take a new or interesting approach.  While so few titles in the found footage genre have dared to try something new, even … Continue reading

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Kevin Lovell’s List of The Top 5 Films To Watch Around Halloween

Well here we are again at the best time of the year for horror nuts such as ourselves. I’m sure you already saw the top 5 list by fellow writer Jesse Bartel and i hope you’ll forgive me in including … Continue reading

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