• Sara K.

    Oh man. I remember this movie, and I know this blog is a little old, but I had JUST thought about it last night. My sister and I watched this movie religiously as little kids. We both loved the animals and the kids in the story so much lol

    Do you remember the names of the four animals? Cause I can only remember two.

  • http://www.liberaldead.com Ted Brown

    I’m not totally sure its been forever since I have got to watch it, sadly Full Moon still has no plans on re-releasing this one. Hopefully they get to it at some point though with all the reissues they are doing of lost flicks.

  • Jamie

    I just came across this blog on my night of nostalgia haha…but I had to comment, someone uploaded Pet Shop onto youtube! xD It’s how I’m spending my night right now lol


    That’s the link to the first part..they split it into 7 parts